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The Municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija has become an important Tourism Development Area (TDA) of the Province of Nueva Ecija due to Minalungao National Park (MNP). With a conservative estimate number of 200,000 visitors annually in MNP, the humble Municipality of General Tinio (Papaya) is placed in the tourism map not only in Central Luzon but in the whole Philippines, as well.

Papayanos enjoy the benefit of burgeoning number of tourists from simply providing transport and tour services and venturing to accommodation and resort businesses. Hence, tourism becomes an important economic activity in the Municipality. The development of potential eco-tourism attractions such as waterfalls and IP communities as satellite destinations is also considered as promising to fully develop the municipality as primary tourism area in the province.

With the enactment of R.A. 10816 or otherwise known as the Farm Tourism Development Act of the Philippines, the Local Government of General Tinio (Papaya) embraces all the opportunities to optimize the utilization of its resources for tourism development, not only for ecotourism promotion but also for development of farm tourism.

Though totally landlocked with only 13 % of its land is devoted to crop production and more or less 83% of its total land area is distributed to forests, pasture land and water system, General Tinio has so much to offer for tourism. Hence, the municipality changes its gear to repackage agriculture to cater the growing market for farm tourism. The construction and development of Upper Tabuating Irrigation Project (UTIP) also opens additional avenue to cater other tourism activities such as water activities in dam reservoir and adventure activities in the hilly side of UTIP areas.

Guided by R.A. 9593 or the Philippine Tourism Act, the Municipality of General Tinio, enacted the Municipal Ordinance No. 017-S-2016 or the Tourism Code of the Municipality of General Tinio. Thereafter, the Papaya Tourism Council and the Tourism Services and Information Office under the Office of the Mayor were created. This is to attune all the tourism plans and activities, as well as the enactment of necessary legislations to national standards and harmonize the municipal plans to provincial and regional plans.


Where to Stay...

Guests may experience “More Than Home” accommodation while in General Tinio. Guests may choose from native nipa huts to luxurious villas and plushy inns. Among these accommodation facilities are:


PMP Farm Resortis offering different types of accommodation for small and big groups of guests. Family villas and dormitories are at its center point where pools and other fun ride activities situate. Guests may also experience simple joy at nipa hut cottages placed along man-made lagoons.


Guests are welcome to stay at villas, themed-inspired cottages, and camps amidst garden landscapes and fruit plantations at Palas Resort located at Barangay Rio Chico, General Tinio.


Experience the premium comfort and luxury rooms at Sierra Casas located at Bonifaco St., Población West, General Tinio, Nueva Ecija.


Nazareth Hotel is an economy hotel with 24 rooms located at Barangay Nazareth Hotel. Guests enjoy the facilities of the PMP Farm Resort while staying at the hotel.


Located at Barangay Pias, Villa Corazon offers 2 cottages and a function area for family gatherings. Villa Corazon assures the enjoyment of private moments with families that will surely last for a lifetime.


Symvy’s Garden Resort is an event place where most of the weddings, birthdays, and other private celebrations are held. It has a swimming pool and 3 Villas for overnight accommodation.

Where to Dine...

Locals and guests enjoy the unique cuisine of Papayanos which may be considered a fusion of Tagalog, Kapampangan, and Ilocano flavors. Hence, different tastes and versions of sinigang, pinapaitan, sisig, tinumis, and dinuguan will be served in various eateries and restaurants in the municipalities.

Some of the most visited dining areas in the municipality are:

• MARIA’S KITCHEN – the only fine dining restaurant located at Barangay Padolina, General Tinio. It is famous for its original pizza, Korean, Filipino and Western dishes.

• TUMANA GRILL – located at the heart of a vegetable farm in Barangay Poblacion Central, Tumana Grill offers steaks and other Filipino dishes at affordable prices.

• INANG SIZZLERS’ – located at Barangay Sampaguita, Inang Sizzler’s offers affordable sizzling plates of pork and chicken and spicy dishes like pinapaitan, sisig, and others that will surely spice up your day.

Have Fun:

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